Sales & Marketing

Akfer Group engages in comprehensive and strategic sales and marketing activities in different foreign markets, cultures and risk environments with its new business models and flexible organizational structure. In addition, it provides business development, market research, sales and marketing, distribution channels and consultancy services to product and service provider companies all over the world.

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Business Development

Taking into consideration the increase in global trade volume, our business development unit, which wants to take advantage of opportunities around the world, aims to have a say in this global market and make you a voice. Our business development focuses on nutrition, electronics, home-living-decoration and textiles, and is open to all investment ideas you will share with us.

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Procurement - Supply

Today’s competitive market conditions and frequently changing customer demands lead the structures in the retail sector to alternative solutions. For this reason, supplier choices for increasing the profitability ratios are in the foreground. Akfer Group takes care that the manufacturers and suppliers to provide products to its solution partners are innovative, qualified in the field of quality products and extremely fast in the field of service. It chooses products and companies that will provide satisfaction based on the principle of maximum benefit. These companies;   • Reliability in quality • Variety of products • Production capabilities, technology and capacity • Supplier's position in the sector • Packing and packaging standards • Local location • Dealers, if any, • Production future • Delivery time and type • Effectiveness in customer relations • Discounts and advantages offered to the customer • After sales support • Ability to manage crisis   We give importance to this and we

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Considering the increasing global trade volume, the logistics sector is of great importance. As Akfer Group, we want to take advantage of opportunities in this field and aim to have a say in these markets.

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